Laundryes WordPress Theme

Laundryes is a Premium Business WordPress Theme.

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Before you get started, please be sure to always check out these documentation files. To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed and configured on your machine or server. For a detailed guide on installing WordPress, please visit the WordPress Codex installation documentation.


Upload via ftp:

Important note: If using FileZilla as your FTP client, please make sure Binary transfer mode is used. To do this, while in FileZilla, go to Transfer > Transfer mode and make sure Binary is selected.

Upload via Wordpress admin:


Once you have uploaded the theme, activate it in Appearance > Themes.

For further information about using WordPress themes, read the codex theme-usage documentation at

Activate Plugins

You must activate the required plugins before doing anything else

There are 2 meathods of installtion this Theme.

1- OnClick demo instation (Which is recommended)


2- Manual Installaion

How do I use the Sample Data?

In your downloaded file, locate the folder called SampleData.

Within this folder you will find your sample data file(s).

After the import is complete you should have all the posts, pages and custom posts from the demo.

There are certain things a WordPress import can not do, so after uploading the sample data make sure you do the following:


The laundryes WordPress theme comes with the following custom page templates. If you have skipped sample data import, we advise you to create each page, for a complete experience of the theme:

In addition, the laundryes WordPress theme provides the Shortcodes:

jk shortcode

You can select the Shortcodes from the Visual composer

Use these short codes on full width page it is recomended.

To make full use of the rich set of features provided by the laundryes WordPress theme, you must configure the theme options.

To begin configuring theme options, go to Johunt Options.

General settings

The general settings tab allows you to upload your custom logo, custom favicon and to select the theme color scheme.

Changing the logo

Page Header Settings

You can set the image of page header bg from here

Footer Settings

change footer and contact settings here

How To Change Your address & phone number details

How to Change to Add and remove the social media Icons

How to Change Color Scheme

How to Add new Packages & Change Currency Symbol of your Choice

How to update main Laundry core plugin for new updates by the author

How to remove order now button or change the order now button text button

This theme has custom post types